The Friggin’ Mafia Movie

Stars: Rich Amooi, Richard Lynch, Shawn Flanagan, Dan L. ConnollyHollywood tough guy Richard Lunch, (Invasion USA, The Sword & The Sorcerer) stars in this gusty award winning indie film. Filmmaker Vance Gordon, Shawn Flanagan, (Roughcut and shattered dreams) struggles to pull a team of wannabe actors together for his ne Mafia movie. After a stint of quitting actors, Vance is forced to cast the crewmembers in his film in a last ditch effort to save the production. As the team of wannabe filmmakers struggle, Lynch grows angrier by the second when Vance decides to change the ending of the movie in the middle of production. When the role of “Joey the Hitman” goes to goofy, craft service dude Chicago, Rich Amooi (CopZone) Vance’s movie takes a surprising twist. Chicago soon finds himself in the Line of fire after discovering that Lynch has taken the filmmakers hostage. To make matters worse, Executive Producer Dan L. Connolly is shot by Lynch and his men after a botched escape attempt. Chicago witnesses the shooting and is uncertain id the calamity around him is a scene from the movie or in fact real life, as the high flying airplane stunts and fast moving bullets set the action packed pace for “The Friggin’ Mafia Movie.”

Stars: Rich Amooi, Richard Lynch, Shawn Flanagan, Dan L. Connolly

Director: Shawn Flanagan

Approximate Running Time: 01:04:50

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Condition Red

 (1) Click here to see a much larger photo of this video cover.Larger Box Cover COMMENTS AND REVIEWSCOMMENTS & REVIEWS Add To My Favorites Save For Later Tag This VideoTag This Video 	 Studio: LBK Media   Director: Mika Kaurismaki , drama, actionDan is a prison guard on the edge of breaking. Demoted to the women’s section of a maximum-security prison, he is seduced by a streetwise female prisoner.

When she becomes pregnant by him, he masterminds a daring prison breakout. Unfortunately, outside the walls, things are not as they seem to be, with deadly results.

Stars: James Russo, Cynda Williams, Paul Calderon, Victor Argo, Jonathan Shaw, Verrone Romeolette, Cedric Turner

Director: Mika Kaurismaki

Approximate Running Time: 01:21:58

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Revenge Of The Dragon II

Revenge Of The Dragon IIWall-to-wall, fist-to-fist non-stop action is the name of this game!

Revenge is the final motive – the fist is the weapon- death is the answer!

Our hero must face impossible odds to rights the evil that was done to him.

One of the finest martial arts casts ever-assembled come together for a kung-fu extravaganza!

Stars: Alexander Lou, William lan, Liu hao yi

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The Traveler

The Traveler Stars: Shawn Burke, Jonathan R. Skocik, Melanie D'Allesandro, David L. PennLet’s play a little CAME! I’m going to torture you to DEATH!
Deep in the woods of Pennsylvania, a terrible evil is about to be unleashed.

Seven people come to an old, ramshackle house with a violent past. Two arrive by accident and the rest are there for thrills.

They will all come face to face with a force darker and more horrifying than their worst nightmares; a being of incredible power and malice known only as… The Traveler.

Stars: Shawn Burke, Jonathan R. Skocik, Melanie D’Allesandro, David L. Penn

Director: Jonathan Skocik

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The Art of Trash

Stars: Todd Colby Pliss, Suzanne InmanWatch as a struggling artist, Arthur Roselli, bumbles through life and stumbles upon his dream…but at what price?

Call him a garbageman and he will tell you he is a Sanitational Technician with a love for painting real life scenarios. This amazing story unfolds when interest is shown in his fortuitous master-piece. Arthur then finds himself being represented by a money hungry Nazi-esque, art dealer who wants him to create nothing other than abstract art for her gallery!

This unusual comedy takes you on a quirky journey that shows that life itself can be the most abstract of all.

Stars: Todd Colby Pliss, Suzanne Inman

Director: Jack Edward Sawyers

Series: Action/Adventure, Comedy

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Captain Calamity

Stars: George Houston, Barry Norton, Marion Nixon, Crane Wilbur - Stars: George Houston, Barry Norton, Marion Nixon, Crane WilburBroke and low on ship’s rations, the charismatic captain Bill Jones (George Houston) agrees to take Carr (Barry Norton) a homesick Australian to Tapillo. Desperate for money, Bill flashes a doubloon that he’d picked up by chance and claims to have found a huge treasure. This triggers off a series of murderous episodes between the south sea islanders and Bill’s Crew. As chance would have it, Bill meets an old friend Dr. Kelkey (Crane Wilbur), an alcoholic and his ward, the charming Madge (Marion Nixon). The only treasure that Bill now wishes to possess is this lovely lady who has stolen his heart. Will Bill survive the murderous Pierre’s attack and marry his ladylove?
Set on an enchanting South Sea island and on board a schooner, Captain Calamity is an engrossing story of a handsome and young ship captain, to whom a life of adventure means more than anything else – till he sets his eyes on the charming Madge. Broke and stranded on an island, the captain decides to show-off a gold coin he owns as a part of a much larger cache. Naturally the whole island is abuzz with the news and who wouldn’t like to lay their hands on this enormous mullah that Bill claims to have found?
Amazingly, the island has a seedy waterfront with all the shady characters that normally make such places their haunt, but there are also some sophisticated goons who operate from behind legitimate business fronts.
George Houston was tailor-made for this role with his magnificent physique, booming baritone and piercing blue eyes. The use of local talent in the cast lends the narrative authenticity while a couple of lilting songs emanating from Bill’s beautiful voice box provide some respite in an action packed drama. Forced to defend his non-existent treasure and his ladylove, Bill is one busy man!
When the guns finally stop booming, Bill has Madge all for himself, and you have a happy ending to a blood-soaked saga of illusive treasures! Witness this thrilling adventure of a sea dog who sets out looking for adventure, but ends up losing his heart!

Stars: George Houston, Barry Norton, Marion Nixon, Crane Wilbur

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The Blood of Jesus

The Blood of JesusWhen the highly devout Martha is baptized in her small Texan community, tongues wag and eyebrows are raised. After all, Martha has just recently married Razz – and luckless Razz is certainly not a regular churchgoer.

When Razz’s hunting rifle accidentally goes off and mortally inures Martha, she is transported to a point between Heaven and Hades – there her devotedness to her Savior is put to the test by demonic Judas Green, an emissary of Satan himself. Martha soon finds herself tempted almost beyond her endurance.

But despite the worldly enticements thrown her way, she remembers her true calling in time. Her final deliverance from the very jaws of death convinces even wavering Razz to turn a new leaf.

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Charade - Cary Grant, Audrey Hepburn, Walter Matthau, Jaques MarinCharming Regina Lampert (Audrey Hepburn) returns to her home in Paris from a skiing holiday to find that her world had been turned upside down. To begin with, her husband Charles is lying dead in the mortuary, murdered in cold blood. Then, Inspector Edouard Grandpierre (Jaques Marin) of the French Police grills her about a quarter of a million dollars her husband was supposed to have been carrying. CIA agent Bartholomew (Walter Matthau) calls her in for questioning, warning her that the money was stolen by Charles and his friends during World War II and had to be returned to the United States Treasury. Regina doesn’t have the foggiest idea about the money.
As if this isn’t enough, three seedy-looking characters who claim to be Charles’ friends keep popping up unexpectedly, threatening her with dire consequences if she does not disclose the whereabouts of the money. Nobody, except the kindly Peter Joshua (Cary Grant) – a stranger who appears from nowhere – seems to believe her innocence.
Suspicion and fear reign high as one by one Charles’ one-time partners in crime are murdered. Peter too keeps her guessing about his identity. Chased, threatened and frightened to death, Regina is left with no choice but to run, which she does – but headlong into more trouble and danger. Faced with the possibility of a cruel death, Regina is left wondering whom she could trust and whether she would ever find out where Charles had stashed the booty.

Stars: Cary Grant, Audrey Hepburn, Walter Matthau, Jaques Marin

Director: Stanley Donen

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Victimas Del Terrorismo

Victimas Del Terrorismo -Stars: Cristina, Jenifer Gagliardy, Sabina Mosqueda, Maria L. Ortiz, Alma Del Valle, Carlos Jordan, El Tiburon, Francisco Quiroz, Tony Rios, Margarito Chavez, Gilberto El Ilegal, Jorge L., Ulises Sanchez, Antonio Partalla, Juan J. Solis, Jorger Ceja, Marlen Medoza, Aldo y Hermanos, Raquel y Ramon Diaz, Maria FranciscaRight now the world is a confusing place with all the destruction in government and towns. Mr. de Melo shows that sooner or later bad actions are paid in kind.

There’s also a little humor in this film to really help bring the points home. All this according to the plan of Don Robert de Melo.

Stars: Cristina, Jenifer Gagliardy, Sabina Mosqueda, Maria L. Ortiz, Alma Del Valle, Carlos Jordan, El Tiburon, Francisco Quiroz, Tony Rios, Margarito Chavez, Gilberto El Ilegal, Jorge L., Ulises Sanchez, Antonio Partalla, Juan J. Solis, Jorger Ceja, Marlen Medoza, Aldo y Hermanos, Raquel y Ramon Diaz, Maria Francisca

Director: Robert de Melo

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