How to Grow Muscle – Myth Busters, Tricks and Fitness Tips

This article is for everyone who wants to learn the true tricks and fitness tips about growing muscles. In this brief guide I have some shocking myth busters for you!

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Body building is an old practice, which started in the ancient times. This has been one of the most prominent and favorite hobbies of men belonging to different parts of the world for the last number of centuries. It has come down to the modern men from the men of the past. Thus, the men of today still follow the old rules fabricated by the men in the past. All these rules may not be accurate and true but their age makes them authentic for many. Following is a list of some body building myths and some valuable tricks and fitness tips to help you know the true guidelines to grow muscles. These are based on proper research and guidance from experts. Thus, you can trust these without a tinge of doubt.

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12 Repetition Rule

You must have been told by your instructor or your gym companions that an ideal weight training program should generally be based on ’12 repetition rule’ for gaining muscles. However, the truth is quite contrary to this cliché idea. ’12 Repetition Rule’ is not sufficient enough to provide tension for effective muscle growth. High tension exercises, for instance heavy weights offer effective muscle growth because muscles grow larger with the increase in strength. Longer tension time also provides the muscles great endurance.

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