Nudes On Credit

Nudes On CreditWild, sexy and risqué for it’s time, NUDES ON CREDIT is a vintage burlesque-style action comedy featuring pin-up queen Lisa Palmer, Joey Benson (Al Adamson’s HORROR OF THE BLOOD MONSTERS, BLOOD OF GHASTLY HORROR, DR. TERROR’S GALERY OF HORRORS) and burlesque stand-up comic Hermie Rose (PAL JOEY).

Two slick conmen down and out in the seedy end of London discover an attaché’ case in the trash. Inside are some mysterious documents and several credit cards belonging to “Sir James”. Using the credit cards, the lavishly rack up debt for food, drink, women, clothes and hotel suites. Little do they know, the attaché’ case belongs to a murdered spy and contains secret plans for Russian world conquest!

Disclaimer: This film contains nudity and sexual situations

Stars: Lisa Palmer, Hermie Rose, Joey Benson, Henry Miller, Dan Hyland, Nicholas Savari, Niles Andrus, Pat Harris, Clifford Morgan, Marie Califano, Pinky Puchy, Acques Monieteau, Henry J. Leong

Director: Don Rolos

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