A Walk In The Sun

Stars: Lloyd Bridges, Dana Andrews, Richard Conte, John IrelandIn the 1943 invasion of Italy, one American platoon lands, digs in, and then makes its way inland to attempt to take a fortified farmhouse, as tensions and casualties mount.

This is an unusually realistic picture of war as long quiet stretches of silence are suddenly punctuated by random bursts of violent action, whose relevance to the big picture is often unknown to the soldiers.

Stars: Lloyd Bridges, Dana Andrews, Richard Conte, John Ireland

Director: Lewis Milestone

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Charming Regina Lampert (Audrey Hepburn) returns to her home in Paris from a skiing holiday to find that her world had Stars: Cary Grant, Audrey Hepburn, Walter Matthau, Jaques Marinbeen turned upside down. To begin with, her husband Charles is lying dead in the mortuary, murdered in cold blood. Then, Inspector Edouard Grandpierre (Jaques Marin) of the French Police grills her about a quarter of a million dollars her husband was supposed to have been carrying. CIA agent Bartholomew (Walter Matthau) calls her in for questioning, warning her that the money was stolen by Charles and his friends during World War II and had to be returned to the United States Treasury. Regina doesn’t have the foggiest idea about the money.

s if this isn’t enough, three seedy-looking characters who claim to be Charles’ friends keep popping up unexpectedly, threatening her with dire consequences if she does not disclose the whereabouts of the money. Nobody, except the kindly Peter Joshua (Cary Grant) – a stranger who appears from nowhere – seems to believe her innocence.
Suspicion and fear reign high as one by one Charles’ one-time partners in crime are murdered. Peter too keeps her guessing about his identity. Chased, threatened and frightened to death, Regina is left with no choice but to run, which she does – but headlong into more trouble and danger. Faced with the possibility of a cruel death, Regina is left wondering whom she could trust and whether she would ever find out where Charles had stashed the booty.

Stars: Cary Grant, Audrey Hepburn, Walter Matthau, Jaques Marin

Director: Stanley Donen

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Two Nights With Cleopatra

Stars: Sophia LorenThis classic Italian farce stars the luminous Sophia Loren in a dual role, playing both Cleopatra and her look-alike, Nisca. Playing Cleopatra, Loren exudes mischievousness as the seductive queen who sleeps with her bodyguard every night, then has him poisoned the following day. When, one night, Cleopatra, slips away to meet Marc Anthony, she forces a slave girl, Nisca, who looks like her to take her place.

The soldier assigned to guard Cleopatra that evening, in turn, falls in love with the woman he thinks is Cleopatra, causing no small amount of havoc in Egypt the next day when he is not killed. Famous for a skinny-dipping scene featuring the then 19 year-old Loren, TWO NIGHTS WITH CLEOPATRA is a hugely entertaining comedy.

Stars: Sophia Loren

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Flash! Stars: Tanya Dempsey, Brianna Marlowe, Guy Vieg, Milan Oleinik, Maria Celeste Tucker, Suzanna Urszuly, Jeremy Ordaz, Ion James, Stephen LakisFLASH! Is the story of eight very different people who go on a catalogue modeling trip from sophisticated Los Angeles to the secluded mountains of California.

The eight model/adventurers include: Amelia, the jaded top model; Gary, the fashion photographer on the verge of a nervous breakdown; Nina, the Mid-Western adventurer on her first trip; Fern+++anda, the omni-sexual super model; Ellie, the calm, sensible stylist; Alex, the shy camera assistant; and Steven, the classic smarmy client…or so they seem… Sharing a beautiful chalet together, the cabin mates discover a little bit about each other and themselves over the course of a ten-day spree. The fall in & out of love, party hard, and break hearts. Some will change their lives forever!

FLASH! Is a romantic comedy with a twisted sensibility the editing and music play a huge part in accentuating the energy and chemistry on screen. FLASH! Is extremely visual, flamboyant, outrageous, and flashy!

Stars: Tanya Dempsey, Brianna Marlowe, Guy Vieg, Milan Oleinik, Maria Celeste Tucker, Suzanna Urszuly, Jeremy Ordaz, Ion James, Stephen Lakis

Director: Annabel Schofield

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Girl O’ My Dreams

Girl O' My DreamsLife on the college campus is thrown out of gear when, quite unexpectedly, track star Don Cooper (Lon Chaney Jr.) defeats the charismatic and overconfident Larry Haynes (Edward Nugent) in the student elections. The fallout of this result is that both Don and Larry ignore their sweethearts Gwen (Mary Carlisle) and Mary (Gigi Parrish).

When both the boys end up second best at the inter-collegiate athletics meet, it is up to the girls to spur them into action and help their college win the championship.

With just one point separating them from the nearest rivals, the boys need all the encouragement Gwen and Mary can generate.

Stars: Lon Chaney Jr., Mary Carlisle, Sterling Holloway, Edward Nugent

Director: Ray Heinz

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Revenge Of The Dragon II

Revenge Of The Dragon IIWall-to-wall, fist-to-fist non-stop action is the name of this game!

Revenge is the final motive – the fist is the weapon- death is the answer!

Our hero must face impossible odds to rights the evil that was done to him.

One of the finest martial arts casts ever-assembled come together for a kung-fu extravaganza!

Stars: Alexander Lou, William lan, Liu hao yi

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The Traveler

The Traveler Stars: Shawn Burke, Jonathan R. Skocik, Melanie D'Allesandro, David L. PennLet’s play a little CAME! I’m going to torture you to DEATH!
Deep in the woods of Pennsylvania, a terrible evil is about to be unleashed.

Seven people come to an old, ramshackle house with a violent past. Two arrive by accident and the rest are there for thrills.

They will all come face to face with a force darker and more horrifying than their worst nightmares; a being of incredible power and malice known only as… The Traveler.

Stars: Shawn Burke, Jonathan R. Skocik, Melanie D’Allesandro, David L. Penn

Director: Jonathan Skocik

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Best Hot Movies

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In a dark, empty school building, Hiriko is bound and gagged, wearing only her underwear. In front of her, there are three men wearing masks. They tell her, “I want to see your body drown in pleasure, and your face contort in ecstasy.”

These men have had much experience with other female teachers. They would continue their perverse assault until their prey cried out in ecstasy.

Hiriko, however, is a strong-minded, martial arts expert. Two of the men were already lying wounded in the nurse’s room.

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Beauty Therapy: Minimum Makeup Maximum Impact

Beauty Therapy: Minimum Makeup Maximum Impact“Minimum Makeup, Maximum Impact!”- This philosophy has been created and developed by New York based professional makeup artist, RAMY GAFNI, whose work has been seen in countless magazines and national television shows including E! Entertainment, Television’s Fashion File and Entertainment Tonight.

According to his philosophy, selecting the best color palette to enhance your features and applying it correctly can make you look younger and more beautiful with a minimum of products and effort.

Ramy’s ability to select the optimum colors for each individual as well as dramatically lift the eye with his gift for eyebrow shaping has been written up in the pages of every major fashion and beauty magazine including Vogue, Instyle, Allure, Lucky, Glamour, Self, Town & Country and People magazine and his clients include many of the world’s most renowned beauties and many of your favorite celebrities from television and film.

“Minimum Makeup, Maximum Impact!” This instructional DVD helps turn ANYONE into a professional caliber makeup artist, teaching you how to achieve not just a new look, but the right look for your individual beauty. The makeup techniques created by Ramy will help any woman transform herself into a flawless beauty at any age!

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Chaplin’s Art Of Comedy

Stars: Charlie Chaplin, Bronco Billy Anderson, Wesley Ruggles, Ben Turpin, Leo WhiteThis documentary on the work of the silent screen’s greatest comedian features excerpts from a number of Charlie Chaplin’s earliest screen appearances restored from original nitrate prints for this release.

CHAPLIN’S ART OF COMEDY also includes precious outtakes from Chaplin’s films and highlights from an uncompleted early feature that shed light not only on his comic style but also his working methods.

Stars: Charlie Chaplin, Bronco Billy Anderson, Wesley Ruggles, Ben Turpin, Leo White

See also: The Charlie Chaplin Festival 

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