Absolution A fallen Angel wanting to experience life among the mortals is thrust into a world of corporate intrigue and high tech terrorism.

Burned out porn star Nora Kiss steals what she thinks are music CD’s after a night of partying. But the discs are in fact the key to the most devastating weapon on the face of the earth.

The Angel will have to make a choice…interfere with the history of mankind or watch mankind destroy itself with this new super bomb. Either way, this Angel will learn the price of free will.

Stars: Chris Grega, Emily Haack, Leah Schumacher, Schmack Virgin, Paul Wendell, Eric Stanze, DJ Vivona, Eric Whitman, Chris Woodrum, Brian Lane, Daniel Byington, Terri Hopper, Keli Bradbury, Jonas Moses

Director: John Specht

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Border Vengeance

Border Vengeance

This thrilling vintage western from the 30’s starring Reb Russell is about young Peeler Benson who returns to town after five years to clear his family’s name from a murder rap and keep his promise to pretty lass who had stolen his heart.

Rancher John Preston’s (Silver Tip Baker) murder, the latest among a spate of unsolved crimes, sets the town on fire. Flash Purdue (Kenneth McDonald), a greedy land grabber loses no time in framing the Benson family. Warned by Sally Griswold (Mary Jane Carey), the Bensons cross the border into Mexico, but Peeler Benson (Reb Russell) returns to avenge the insult and clear his family’s name. Peeler has to wait for five long years before he can wipe the slate clean and reunite with Sally – the girl he adores!

Stars: Silver Tip Baker, Reb Russell, Kenneth McDonald, Mary Jane Carey

Director: Ray Heinz

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