Ways to Increase Testosterone Naturally

Testosterone is the hormone that controls a lot of vital body functions in men. It is not just the hormone behind your muscular physique but also controls your sex drive and erectile function. Not only this, it also plays an important role in stabilizing your mood levels.

A plunge in testosterone production, therefore, leads to a lot of changes in your body and behavior. Testosterone is in your body during puberty and early adolescence. However, it begins depleting once you cross the age of 30. This results in low libido, erectile dysfunction, weaker bones, loss of energy and fatigue, loss of lean muscle etc.,

However, there are some natural ways to increase testosterone in your body.

Ways to Increase Testosterone Naturally

1. Getting physically active is the key to ensure optimum testosterone production in your body. Your body is designed in such a way that physical activity is extremely important to make it function in the right way.

Men who lead a sedentary lifestyle are more prone to a sharper decline in their testosterone levels. Short and intense workouts are the best when it comes to enhancing testosterone levels in your body. Squats, bench presses, deadlifts, chin ups etc., are all great exercises to boost testosterone production.

2. Cut Down on Carbohydrates- This is important since carbohydrates, specially those that are rich in simple sugar such as potatoes lead to an increase in the level of Insulin in blood which inhibits testosterone production.

3. Essential Fats are a Must- Essential fats like Omega 3 are extremely important for the production of testosterone. Your diet must include them in a moderate amount. However, you must be careful with this and make sure you do not consume more than what is required.

4. Say no to Soy- This is because soy products tend to increase estrogen level in your body which affects testosterone negatively. Do not believe all those soy products that are being promoted as health foods.

5. Avoid Xenoestrogens- These are man made products that lead to an increase in estrogen level in your body. Plastic is an example of such products. Avoid having foods in plastic stuff. Do not drink water in plastic glasses.

6. Reduce Stress- Stress increases the level of Cortisol in blood and lowers your testosterone. Reducing stress is a major step towards testosterone enhancement. Deep breathing are the best method to relieve stress. They are very easy to do and not only reduce stress but also increase blood circulation to the penis which is great for your libido and erections.

7. Natural Testosterone Supplements- Such supplements are the one of the best ways to boost testosterone production in your body. They are a combination of time tested herbs, amino acids and other minerals that stimulate the production of testosterone.

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